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10 Best Excuses to Not Enjoy Holidays

Many are fond of traveling during a holiday season. Many individuals consider that a holiday is a fun time and there is no reason not to enjoy and make the most of it. But sometimes, boredom can make you thick just to make you gain excuses not enjoy at all. Funny isn’t it? There are still few individuals that don’t get the idea of enjoying a holiday but instead allocates their time to some things that can make them even more boring.

Enjoy holidaysBeing alone sometimes get you the hang of being a loner for you feel that you are being neglected by everyone. See, you can just simply put yourself into a dimension that many questions will puzzle your self being thinking that you feel different from anybody else.

You can make any excuses you want by not enjoying your holiday. Only you can decide what’s best for your own good. Being a loner person or boring individual sometimes makes everybody irritating for somewhat you are the only one that does not participate in a particular group. Everybody loves a holiday for that is the only time they can relax and have fun. Some individuals mostly loner and low self-esteem persons get the hang of not enjoying their holidays, sometimes they even have a list of 10 best excuses to not enjoy holidays particularly that is their habit or they are already used of being alone. Sometimes, if you can just think and reassess if what are the benefits of not enjoying your holiday to you. Can it be a positive outcome or a negative outlook?

Here are some of the 10 best excuses to not enjoy holidays. See for yourself if it works for you, or it will just make it hang in a world of boredom.

1.You reason out that the Doctor advised you not to eat so much as to be able to keep track of your weight.
2.You suddenly feel sick when a friend is inviting you over for dinner or party.
3.You can just lie all day in your room, giving the reason that you have a bad stomach and you can’t stay long if you go out.
4.The kids got the flu and you need to watch over them.
5.Reason out that you are waiting for a very important person online and that the talk with them is very important.
6.Tell them somebody snatched your wallet while you are walking home from work.
7.Say that you forgot and mistakenly didn’t see the correct date of the holiday party that you’ll be attending to.
8.Reason with them that you have spent all your cash money of gifts and none is left for you to go out and enjoy with.
9.Tell them that you don’t want to see the person that you are angry at on the same holiday party that you are invited to.
10.Sleep all day and pretend that you can’t hear anyone who is talking to you, thus avoiding the best things that is about to happen.

All these sums up to 10 best excuses to not enjoy holidays. It’s up to you whether you want to be fun person or a loner one as long you know what makes you comfortable.

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