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Bannu Pakistan

July 23, 2011 / bookitnow, Pakistan /

Bannu is a major city of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, located at a distance of 190 km, in the south of Peshawar, with its boundaries touching the cities of Lakki Marwat, Karak and Waziristan Agencies. Spread over an area of about 1227 km, it has the inhabitants of 0.6 millions. Bannu guarded on all sides by the hard and dried mountain ranges of Koh-e-Suleman, and Koh-e-Safed. Bannu city is bounded by a huge wall, which has several gates to enter the city. It is a picturesque region of the southern region, due to the Kurrum River and its streams. The history of Bannu goes back many years, due to its strategic location, there are many historical relics dating back to 2nd century BC. There are also remnants left behind by Central Asian invaders en route to the sub-continent. Economically it is an important city, as it is the market of the whole “Southern Region”, and it provides a safe route to the Central Asian Markets. Land of Bannu is green and fertile, and major crops of summer and winter harvested each year and fine quality of fruit and vegetables produced here at large scale. Especially dates, bananas, guava, figs and rice are inimitable in their flavor, aroma and character. Major industries are cloth weaving and the manufacture of cotton fabrics, equipments and machines. Bannu has many famous places of visit, some of these are:

Akra: These mounds are best known for their archaeological importance, mainly consist of a series of impressive mounds between 15-20 meters high, and have been recognized as an archaeological site for more than 100 years.

Bara Dam: This dam is a major source of irrigation, which is located in the natural low basin area and never needed reconstruction since its initiation. This dam provides pure drinking water to Bannu, as well as all the adjoining areas.

Til Kafir-Kot: These ruins lie to the south of the Kurram River, and the outer wall of these ruins composed of immense blocks of stones with great strength. In the center of the remains of several Hindu temples with perfect domes placed.

Remains of Rok and Mari: These ruins consist of portions of two circular walls composed of blocks of stones, layered with white plaster. The temples here are very similar to those at Kafir-Kot, but larger and better preserved. The massive fortification make these ruins chiefly remarkable.


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