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Cheap and Cheerful Places to Spend This Christmas

November 8, 2012 / bookitnow, Friends Posts / 1 Comment

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Christmas is looming large and the festive season is drawing nigh. The time off work this period brings spells the perfect opportunity for a good old winter holiday. With funds being relatively tight for most households in this recession struck economic climate, our holiday options may have to be regulated by a strict budget. Here then are some cheap and cheerful places to spend this Christmas.


When planning a holiday destination on a strict budget, travelling outside of Europe is rather difficult. In general, the further away a holiday destination, the more it’ll cost and therefore most of the time we’d be better off staying in our home continent.

However, this by no means limits the cultural diversity there for us to experience and a trip to Turkey is an example of just how assorted our continent is. Turkey is akin to a fusion of Asia and Europe and it is this balance – in particular between a predominately Islamic society and the West and Europe – that makes it such an enticing country to visit and experience.

Fethiye is a serene yet tourist friendly and alive region in the South West Mediterranean of Turkey. Its beauty and rich culture are second to none, while the food is just sublime.


The world has changed over the past hundred years and as a result of industrialisation, capitalism, globalisation and aggressive modernity, there are very few truly authentic places around.

Lamu is the exception however, with the tiny island off the coast of Kenya being so old school there is only one car! A mixture of mind blowing scenery, exquisite beaches and a very welcoming native people make visiting Lamu a once in a lifetime experience.

Touching down in Lamu gives you the feeling that you’re stuck in a time machine, and that’s the best part about it. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for good reason too!


Not only is Bordeaux just round the corner and amongst the closest foreign cities to Britain thereby making is a cheap trip; but it is a wonderful destination in its own right, regardless of how close it is to home.

While the people of Bordeaux are obviously rich – which will no doubt mean higher than usual prices in some hotels, restaurants and bars – Bordeaux offers a variety of perks that make it a delightful holiday destination.

Great food is coupled with stunning views (try the view when approaching the city from the south).

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Robert Snodgrass is a freelance British travel writer.

One Response to Cheap and Cheerful Places to Spend This Christmas

  1. Everyone who looks for a cheap vacation destination should pay close attention to Ukraine. This Eastern Europe country is a perfect place to have joyful free time. Very cheap accommodation and entertainments, cheerful people, beautiful girls which love men from abroad. There are some places to go but this list is not complete, there are much more cities and towns to visit, and recommendations can vary on the season.


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