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Emergency Numbers in India

Emergency is a situation that poses an instant threat to human life or possessions though this description may be different in some areas. Imagine a situation where you are in a foreign country and have lost your passport! Or you are stuck in the middle of a social or political unrest while exploring the beautiful landscapes and historic cities of India.  Or else, you or your partner has faced an accident and you run out of cash! All these are some examples of a traveler’s worst nightmares particularly if you are in a foreign country.

India is an amazing country with peaceful people, safe and guarded tourist destinations along with a strong and efficient government and administration. But as you know, trouble may come in any form and this is applicable to any other country across the globe. The travelers, therefore, should take all preventive measures to avoid such awkward and horrible circumstances.

Ambulance – 102

The Emergency Ambulance Services number in India is 102. The country provides an organized medical assistance service. People can easily avail quality medical transport facilities in the pre-hospital settings in Emergency and non-emergency conditions. The medical assistance service providers maintain several level of care consistent with the clinical needs of the patient. They also provide bedside-to-bedside cost effective & safe medical transport to the critically ill.

Fire – 101

The Emergency number to call fire brigade in India is 101. Indian Fire Service Department is a humanitarian service dedicated to saving of life and property of the public. The modern day Fire Brigade has evolved following many years of development and improvements. They work hard, day in and day out, to make India a safer country. Their vision is to maintain the world class fire and rescue service for the citizens and visitors as well as to attain new heights.

Police – 100

Dial 100 in India to call police in an Emergency situation. The police departments of individual Indian states are working hard to enhance the quality of life and well-being of all people in India. They provide a formidable social contribution by making the country a safe and secure place with their high quality and accessible services. They serve with several battalions of armed forces as well as specialized branches like the Detective Department, Special Branch, Reserve Force, Traffic Police, Enforcement Branch, Wireless Branch and security Control office.

The Emergency numbers in India are same across the country. These three digit numbers are very easy to remember and can be dialed quickly. In India, there are emergency responders who you can call upon in emergency situations. Pass the numbers along to family, friends, colleagues, and backpackers heading for India. They might just save your life!

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