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Enjoy an Adventurous Holiday in Chile

December 11, 2011 / bookitnow, Chile /

Chile is becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists. Steady rise of tourism in the country can be noticed for over a decade.  Since tourism is facing a boom in Chile there are many cheap flights and cheap hotels available in the country. All one has to do is to carry out the research with due diligence to get the best deal but it’s worth it. A large number of tourists visiting Chile reach Chile by land and a slightly lesser number of people reach Chile by air.

The main attraction of the country lies in its natural diversity while on one hand there is the Atacama Desert on the other hand there are the glacier fjords of Patagonia, also the Andes of Central Valley as well as forests in the Lakes District. The most favorite travel spots in Chile are its protected areas which includes national parks, forest reserves as well as natural monuments.

A tour of one of the most arid zones on earth, the Atacama Desert is usually on the list of people visiting Chile as well as a part of most vacation travel deals. Tours of the Atacama Desert are usually carries out from the small town of San Pedero de Atacama. The town of San Pedro de Atacama was a centre of commerce during the Incas. One can visit various spots like the Valley of the Moon and Cordillera de la Sal which is the perfect spot to see the sunset. One can also enjoy an archeological tour of the San Pedro region and explore Incan ruins. One can also visit the geysers of Tatio.

Those who wish to experience Patagoniain a fun and interesting manner must attempt a bike tour of the region.  Bike tours usually begin Frutillar which is like half an hour away from Puerto Varas. One can begin by riding along the Lake Llanquihue. One can start the morning with awe inspiring views of the Osorno volcano while riding towards Puerto Octay and have a picnic lunch during the ride. The nights can be spent at lodges.

A variety of sights can be explored on bike at Patagonia like Cochamo Valley and village of Ensenada but one must have enough time in hand for that purpose. The bike tour is completely worth the effort as the beautiful sceneries and the fresh air is perfect for riding as it lets one absorb the beauty.

Chile is great for adventure sports like hiking and skiing. If you want to spend your vacation outdoors, Chile is the place to be. Many other possible adventures include hiking in national parks like El Morado, enjoy the coasts of Chile, try horseback riding in the Andes, enjoy mountain biking in the wine valleys and many more.


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