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France and its charms

January 16, 2011 / bookitnow, FP, France /

France is a very diverse and at the same time very unique country, with an important cultural richness and just as rich architecture. Its sceneries and beaches live up to anyone’s expectations.

Eiffel Tower franceThat is why France is a popular and an often elected holiday destination, with many attractions and possibilities, there is just a lot to do and to see in France.

We can start from the cultural side, this country is a place that offers a great number of museums, or the beautiful castles of Marseille, or the Eiffel Tower, or the Notre Dame Cathedral. On the other hand, there is the possibility of visiting many different cities such as Perpignan, near the French coast, Nice or Marseille, or the Principality of Monaco which is all glamour.

On the other hand we can highlight the ultramarine regions and the island territories of France and its islands, such as Corsica, FranceNew Caledonia, San Martin, Martinique or Guadalupe, some of them Caribbean and others on the South hemisphere close to Australia.

Enjoy your vacations in France, and find out the many things to see and to do there, since sportive events, such as Roland Garros, or a Formula I Grand Prix, or a motorcycle race or even the Tour de France.

No matter how your tastes and personality, it is very unlikely that you won’t somehow fall in love with France. Might it be because of its natural and unique charm or because of its many attractions for all ages and personalities, or because of its beautiful language, or chic fashion, or even its amazing and delicious cuisine, France will definitely enchant you somehow.


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