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Kalam Valley Pakistan

June 20, 2011 / bookitnow, Pakistan /

Invigorating Kalam Valley elevated about 2,000 meters above sea level, positioned 270 km away from Islamabad, in Pakistan. It is the major tourist Kalam Valley Pakistanattraction and the most beautiful region of Swat, well known for its lakes, pastures, glaciers, and waterfalls, full of hiking sites, forests full of strawberries, lush green hills and other gift bequeath upon it by the nature. This galaxy having the most advanced facilities of modern age, assorted and oldest enriching values and gracious people.

In Kalam there are hundreds of Tourist Resorts and sightseeing, some of these are:

Kandol Lake: Encircled by mountains it is one of the most gorgeous lakes in the district flows in Laddu Valley, Kalam, at a drive of about 1.5 hours. One can camp at the lake to fully enjoy the mystifyinKalam Valley Pakistang silence here, and boats are offered for visitors. There are numerous glaciers and a fresh water spring along the route. According to locals, this lake changes color throughout the hours of the day.

Miandam: A peaceful and cold hill resort, about 7000 feet high. Surrounded by several mountains and flowered trees, this area is perfect for walk. The honey made by bees and sunsets of this zone are one of the best in the world. There are a large number of hotels in Miandam, where tourist can stay and dine with joy and comfort.

Mohodand Lake: Surrounded by pine trees, very high mountains, and beautiful grassy meadows, this lake is located in a huge green field. You can also see few glaciers in the mountains near the lake. A 30 minutes boat ride in the lakeThe Ushu and Utrot is adventurous and entertaining. The water of the lake is freezing and brimming with Trout fish. A “Spring of Healing” is nearby this lake approximately 20 minutes drive from the lake. According to the locals, the water of this spring has healing powers.

The Ushu and Utrot: About five to ten km north of Kalam, these are one of the most scenic places in the entire country. High peaks and lovely forests dominate this area. The Ushu and Utrot Rivers unite to figure the lovely Swat River.

Ellum Valley: It is a best picnic spot and lush green valley with sparkling streams and waterfalls, an ideal place for trekking. At the top of this valley a very beautiful view of Kalam magnetize tourists. Nearby a well-known graveyard locally known as “Pir baba’s Ziarat” placed.


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