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Kurram Agency Pakistan

It is an eminent tribal agency, placed in the Fata area of Pakistan, and geographically it covers Kurram Valley. This picturesque valley is in the northwestern part of Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan. This name Kurram comes from the River Kurram, which flows along the valley. The valley delimited by snow-covered mountains from the north, which also forms natural boundary with Afghanistan. With the populace of 0.4 million, this region is inhabited by Turi Pashtuns. In previous times, this city offered the most diresct route to Gardez and Kabul. It is highly irrigated, crowded with small-fortified villages, orchards and groves, and the dark pine forests. The climate and the beauty of the region attracts Mughul emperors of Dehli, and ruins of a garden still exists here, which planted by Mughul emperor Shah Jahan. Weather of this valley remains pleasant most of the summer, and it ranked the fourth coldest spot in Pakistan.

This region has the major tourist destinations, attract a large number of people, some of these are:

Kurram River: This River drains in the southern part of the famous Safed Koh mountain range, and enters the Indus plains north of Bannu. It flows west to east and crosses Patkia province, in the southwest of Jalalabad, and joins the Indus near Isa Khel after a long course of more than 320 km.

Safed Koh: This Mountain ranges also known as the Safaid Mountains Range or Morga Range, about 15,620 ft above sea level at Mount Sikaram. A spur of the range crossed by the Khyber Pass, and its lower slopes are nearly barren, pine and deodar.

Sadda: It is the second large town in Kurram Agency, and famous for a big trade market for the people of lower kurram and central kurram. People from all over the region and bordering cities, visit here to buy and sell their products.

Malana Dam: Built in 1991, and surrounded by scenic landscape,  this dam placed in the north of Parachinar, Kurram. Most of the people depend on this reservoir and the dam is famous among the locals as a picnic resort. A huge guesthouse situated here, by the Agency Administration.

Miranzai Valley: It is a mountainous valley, consists of two valleys, draining from the southwest into the Kurram and northwest into the Kohat. Famed as Hangu, it covered an area of 546 km, it extends from the Orakzai and Zaimukht hills.