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Mangla Pakistan

Picturesque city of Mangla is located in Mirpur District, Azad Kashmir. It is bordered with Jhelum district Punjab and Jhelum River makes the boundary between them. About 110 km from Islamabad, this city has special attraction for tourists, because of its proximity to Lahore, Rawalpindi and Jhelum cities. Ancient town of Mangla named after Mangla Devi. In previous time Alexander forces, used this site of crossing of River Jhelum to face Raja Porus. Mngla is a lush green place filled with greenery and marvelous lakes. Mangla has various prominent tourist destinations, names of some places are:

Ramkot Fort: This fort is a major landmark of Mangla city, located on the summit of a hill, and River Jhelum surrounds three sides of this hilltop. This fort built over the site of an old Hindu temple, and during excavations, remnants of one of the temple found here. The Pakistani forces used this fort in the war of 1948, and the government officials have built a small museum here in 1992, which contains several types of pieces of rock, paintings, and the model of Mangla Powerhouse. Most of the fort demolished during the creation of Mangla Dam; a part remained and served as a public amusement place. This fort is accessible through boat and one has to cross Mangla Lake to reach there. Hundreds of people everyday visits it. Boats are available by Army Water Sports Club, which is located near the fort.

Mangla Dam: This dam is World’s twelfth largest earth-filled dam, located 115 km southeast of Islamabad. Built in 1967, it is 10,300 feet long and 454 feet high. This dam planned to raise the amount of water that could use for irrigation from the flow of the Jhelum and its tributaries. It is also a famous tourist destination in Mangla. There is an ancient Gakkhar Fort on the dam to have a panoramic view of the lake.

Mangla Cantonment: At the time of construction of Mangla Dam, villages of Baral, Thill, and Baruti across the River Jhelum developed as residential colonies and offices for foreign workers and officials. These colonies now converted to a military cantonment and referred as Mangla Cantonment.

Mangla Power Station: This power station is the second largest power station in Pakistan. Located at an elevation of 864 ft, the water to powerhouse supplied through five steel lined tunnels.