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Mingora Pakistan

June 16, 2011 / bookitnow, Pakistan /

Historical city Mingora is the leading and one of the most significant cities of Swat Valley, positioned at an altitude of 984 meters and lies on the bank of Swat River. The inhabitants of this city areMingora Pakistan about 0.17 millions. Mingora is one of the outstanding sites of Gandhara Civilization dated to 1000BC. It is certainly a place on earth where ethnicity and traditions rule high and its artistic people have been brought up in the lap of pure Mother Nature. Local embroidery has a great significance and has won an exceptional status due to its pioneering reinforcement all over the country. Due to the plenty of forests and wood in the valley, almost all the rural citizens relied on wood as a chief source of earnings and livelihood.

Mingora is a foremost tourist destination and once it illustrated by Queen Elizabeth as the “Switzerland” of the previouMingora Pakistans kingdom. The major sightseeing in Mingora is:

Butkara: It is an enormous central stupa begun by Ashoka in the 3rd century. This site has presented one of the richest yields of relic in the region. Surrounding it were over 200 tiny stupas built by followers. Additional beside the Jambil Valley one more Butkara to be found, partially courtyard of enclosed stupas.

Udegram: It is a small region where Alexander fought one of its battles, exhumed this site in 1950’s by Italians. It is a very beautiful place surrounding by mountains and gracious people.Mingora Pakistan

Suvastu Gallery: This huge emporium has an excellent array of handicrafts, jewellery and carpets; much of the collection is of high value.

Nemogram: Nemogram is a mini Buddhist spot on the right bank of Swat River, revealed in 1966 and dig up in 1967-68. This site consists of three most important stupas, with a country yard, one adjacent monastery, some coins of Kushana period, large number of shingle and terracotta of Scytho-Parthian phase; portrays assorted prospects of Buddhist folklore. These all objects and artifacts are on exhibit in Swat museum.

Pashtun Eateries: There are dozens of Pashtun eateries along GT Road, fill up of chicken, kababs, curries and dhal offered here with an exclusive traditional touch. Seasonal fruit sellers are everywhere, especially in Green Chowk. A low-priced, hygienic, and trendy restaurant just off the GT Road provides the customary Pakistani fare and variable Western fast-food stuff in dazzling vibes, so quench your hunger with mingorian delights.


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