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New Stuff To Do In Reno, Nevada

Do you enjoy gambling, casinos, the nightlife and all that bling-bling and entertainment? Well if you’re into it, you will enjoy taking a grand vacation in Reno, Nevada! We are sure all you’re familiar with the city is the lights and the casinos and the games, but here are ten other places you can visit and enjoy aside from spending money on the tables.Truckee River Reno, Nevada

Over sixty other gaming cities Reno, Nevada is still the number one attraction and still known as a gambling town all over the globe through all these years. People who are near Reno like visitors from Lake Tahoe or the Sierra Nevada Mountains take time out of their plans to come down the close propinquity of Reno, Nevada.

Let’s take time to venture the other side of what Reno can offer aside from the betting tables. If you would check in books and the internet, you would know that Reno offers a lot of natural breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature. I don’t know if there are a lot of people who knows about this, since all they know about Reno are the modern side of it.

Not to worry, here we are to keep you posted on Ten Places to visit. Reno is a city that is full of historic buildings, museums and other sight seeing areas that will probably blow your touristic mind. You can stroll all around Reno on your own, or you can book ahead of time for local tours around the city with a guide of your own.

Known as the second largest city in Nevada after the known Las Vegas, also known as the Biggest Little City in the world, they are famous for their casinos and gaming. Other than gaming and the night life there are other top places to visit too when you’re in Reno. That why we’re here to introduce to you the other places you can enjoy.

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1. National Automobile Museum – Reno, Nevada – Harrah’s Collection

Whoever is into cars will surely enjoy this top pick for all antique and classic automobiles. Travel back into time and get to enjoy all the most popular and well known vehicles that have existed in the last centuries. A lot of car enthusiasts would love this since as they say this will give them the story behind every car.

2. Reno Artown

Enjoy the variety of art and cultural events in Reno. There are events that begin during the month of July that happen in multiple venues around the city. Art lover or not, surely you will enjoy this artistic side of what Reno can offer.

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3. Reno Nevada Truckee River Walk

If you enjoy the usual afternoon stroll, then you will definitely have a blast going around downtown Reno’s River Walk. You experience Reno’s so called Urban Renaissance that showcases a series of art galleries, restaurants, bars, boutiques, taverns and some shops that you can find your own little treasure in.

4. Reno Rink on the River – Ice Skating in Downtown Reno

Who would think that ice skating while you are on vacation would be an activity you can enjoy and look forward to? Well this is one are in Reno where you can enjoy your winter vacation, located at the city center, this spot will always attract locals and tourists alike. Bring out the child in you and enjoy this fun filled experience.

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5. Reno River Festival – Truckee River Whitewater Park

This festival will be the first big even of the season in this area. They attract tourists all over even locals near Reno like Tahoe as well. Who doesn’t enjoy a festival?

6. Reno, Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Coffee Shops

Aside from the big named coffee shops all over the globe. Reno offers a lot of good coffee shops that you can waste the afternoon away. Take your cup of joe around Reno and Tahoe area and take in the sites around you with the aroma of caffeine.

7. Reno, Lake Tahoe, Sparks, Nevada – Ice Cream Parlors

Ice cream is one sweet thing that everyone enjoys. And if you’re in Reno, there are a lot of ice cream parlors you will surely want to sink your sweet tooth in. a wholesome treat for the non gamers and gamers alike, even in the middle of winter, it may be surprising on how much locals and tourists alike indulge in this loved dessert.

8. Reno, Lake Tahoe, Sparks, Nevada – Irish Pubs
You don’t need to be an Irish to enjoy the local Irish pubs around Reno and Tahoe. Irish pubs are alive and well sought after in Reno and are enjoyed by many. If you haven’t been in a pub ever, then this will be your chance to feel the kind of atmosphere and you might even feel like you’re in Ireland for real.

9. Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Golf Courses

This city is very well known for their good golf courses. Depending on your ability or budget, there is a golf course that will be a match for you, your choice on a public or private course around town or the High Sierra environment.

10. Walking the Truckee River Trail in Reno, Nevada

Take a break from the casinos and gambling and enjoy Mother Nature more with hitting the trail along the river. Experience the fun while sightseeing or do all water sports like kayak, tubing and body surf through currents to downtown Reno. If extreme water sports may not be your thing, then you might want the more serene and peaceful side of the river and the greenery around.

Whatever it is you feel like doing in Reno, surely there is a place and activity that would be perfect for you. If you are visiting Reno for the gambling alone, that is fine. But if you’re one person who can get tired of that, then at least you can have other alternatives in mind to choose from and we assure you boredom will never be in the vocabulary.

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