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Pakistan’s Traditional Sweet Desserts

May 10, 2011 / bookitnow, Pakistan /

Pakistani cuisine is renowned because of its lavishness and fragility, Every Pakistani dish inherits the standards of the regional culture and embeds the whiff of delicious food.Gulab jamun

Sweet dishes are an imperative part of conventional Pakistani food. There is an assortment of traditional desserts in the cuisine of Pakistan. However, with the latest trends influencing the region, you will find many delights that are prejudiced by other cultures. Pakistani desserts are made in complete slenderness. The style and method of preparing Pakistani desserts are easy to make and absolutely mouth watery to eat if you have an aptitude for traditional desserts from the overall Asian cuisine.

Pakistani’s admiring desserts include Kheer (rice pudding) or Kulfi (pistachio icecream) present sweets to one another to rejoice happy proceedings. More popular dishes are Sheer Khurma, Falooda, Zarda, Shahi Tukray, Rabri, Rasmalai and others.

Rice pudding is a unanimously loved dish and every country has its own deviation. In India and Pakistan it is prevalently known as Kheer which though full of flavor, is also very sweet and containspistachio ice cream bountiful amounts of full fat milk. The Western variation comes with a munificent dose of cream and eggs in addition to the milk.

Zarda is a further conventional Pakistani sweet dish, which is must for every occasion. It is simple to prepare and consists of simple ingredients rather than rich and calorie rich ingredients. It is also festooned with dry fruit and nuts.

One common dessert is Halva, wide range of halva style. Most familiar are the ones prepared from semolina, sugar and oil, garnished with nuts and dried fruit. Also from Punjab region, the Sohan Halwa renowned in the country.

Carrot Halwa (Gajreela) is also one of the most favorite desserts of the Pakistanis and is cooked during special occasions. It is made from grated carrot, boiled in milk, sugar, green cardamom, and topped with nuts, dried fruits. During wedding ceremonies, religious festivals and family gatherings, this dessert is very much in demand in entire Pakistan.strawberry falooda

Pakistani Sweets are very eminent in the whole world and especially in south west Asia and Middle East. These sweetmeats are consumed on various festive occasions in Pakistan such as Barfi, Jalebi, Panjeri, Gulab Jamun and Kalakand.

Gulab jamun is a dish frequently eaten at festivals or most significant celebrations such as marriages, and the Muslim celebrations of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. There are assorted types of Gulab jamun and every variety has a distinct taste and manifestation.

Scrumptious Barfi prepared by condensing milk, cooked with sugar and allow it to solidify. There are several varieties of barfi, which comprise kaju (cashew) barfi, baisan (gram flour) barfi, and pista (pistachio) barfi.

Ras Malai is also an extremely admired dessert in Pakistan. It is classically served at special events. Ras Malai is a milk based dish. It is not an easy to prepare dessert, especially if you do not have an authentic recipe.


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