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Surprising Things You Can See On Independent Tours In China

November 27, 2012 / China, Friends Posts /

Independent tours in China can be wondrous experiences. There are a lot of different places to see in this country, however some of the most amazing are ones that you might not see if it weren’t for independent tours. Here’s a short list of some of the more special places that you can find while in China.

Surprise #1: Bamboo Temple

The Bamboo Temple is located just northwest of Kunming and is a peaceful place full of beauty. The temple is known for its Luohans, life-size clay figures that are said to represent ordinary life and their expressions depict laughter, joy, hunger, compassion, anger, grief and other emotions. If you visit the Bamboo Temple, choose a Luohan and then move right as you count them. When you reach your age, this is the Luohan that’s said to represent your inner character.

Surprise #2: The Chaoyang Tower

The Chaoyang Tower is known as the Miniature Tiananmen, but it’s not nearly as famous as its namesake. It was built during the Ming Dynasty and 28 years earlier than its more famous cousin. The most famous part of the Chaoyang Tower is its bell, which can be heard all through the town at sunset.

Surprise #3: The Double Dragon Bridge

The Double Dragon Bridge is in Jian Shui County and is protected by the Yunnan Provincial Heritage Trust. It was built in the 1800s and tens of thousands of bluestones make up the bridge. Visitors who climb into the pavilions can see thousands of acres of farmland and may even be able to imagine just what life looked like for the people who built this bridge in the Qing Dynasty.

Other Surprising Attractions You Can Find On Independent Tours In China

Of course, these are just three of the surprising attractions that visitors can find on independent tours. Other destinations include Tuanshan village, Naigu Stone Forest, Zhu Family Garden and Yuanyang’s rice fields. If you have a specific site that you’re hoping to see during your holiday, make sure to talk to your tour company. They’ll likely be able to help you plan the perfect trip, whether you want to stick to the traditional destinations or find locations just a little off the beaten path. Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing food China has to offer. You might be surprised how different it is from the dishes served up at your local Chinese restaurant!

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Mollie Stutts is a travel consultant from Western Australia. Her particular destination of choice is South-East Asia. Having toured China extensively, Mollie writes for a number of travel companies within Australia and around the world, including Travel Tree.


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