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The Best Place Go Whale Watching Observing the Gentle Giants of Nature

November 26, 2012 / bookitnow, Friends Posts /

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Whales are the rulers of the sea with their size and strength. Many stories have been written about whales including a very famous one written about a whale that was white. Whales have been the stars of the silver screen, and many people have fallen in love with these beautiful and graceful creatures.

However, nothing on a screen can compare to the beauty of experiencing these majestic creatures with your own two eyes. Have you thought about going whale watching? There are quite a few places to experience the biggest creatures ever to see up close and personal.

New Zealand – Beauty Whales in a Beautiful Setting

New Zealand is the best place to go whale watching and is considered to be one of the most places on the entire planet, but did you know it is also the home of sperm whales?

Kaikoura, New Zealand is known as the home of sperm whales. The sperm whales love to feed here so you can literally go anytime of the year. Be sure you grab your cameras; you can get close to these beautiful whales and take some really great pictures.

Hawaii – Whale Watching in Kona and Maui

There was a movie about humpback whales in the eighties, and their popularity soared after that. Do you want to see humpback whales? The best place to go to observe humpback whales than you need to go buy a ticket for Hawaii. Hawaii is the place where pregnant humpbacks go to give birth and if you want to see this miracle you need to go between the months of January and April.

South Africa – Whales in Their Natural Setting

From the months of August to November, the coast of South Africa is full of whales. You do not even need to get a boat; you can stand right on the beach and watch the whales.

These are the times when the whales breed, so you may find there are very few boat options because the local people do not want to see the whales be disturbed in any way as they do what nature intended.

Canada – See Whales off of Vancouver Island

Canada is the home to Canadian bacon, hockey, and killer whales. Killer whales love to splash around in the cool waters off of the Vancouver Island.

Though they are called killer whales, the truth is these whales are good parents and good mates. If you go between the months of July to September, you will get to watch these white and black whales feed in the ocean.

Whales are considered to be the biggest mammals on earth. Though they were hunted unmercifully for a long time for their oil and blubber, whales are now protected by laws that have allowed their population to regain some numbers.

If you really love whales and want to see them, then there are many places you can go like Africa, Canada, and New Zealand. Though no matter where you go, remember to respect these gentle creatures and do not interfere with them.

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Rob is a seasoned traveller having jetted off everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe and loves to immerse himself in the local culture wherever he goes. So when you read a travel blog written by Rob you know you’re going to get a warts and all account, with no punches pulled.


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