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Top 10 tourism friendly countries


When you plan your next travel destination, considering certain precautions can create a world of difference! Always keep in mind that tourist friendly countries can assure you a memorable trip; but at the same time the opposite can bring forth a truly terrible experience. A country committed to tourism and tourists immediately help you feel at home and carry similar qualities to what we’d want from the country we live in – low crime rates, appreciation for the company of other people and love for tourists.


Must see sights all over IrelandIreland was elected as the World’s Friendliest Country by Lonely Planet. The country is fast growing as the top vacation choice in Europe and Ireland currently enjoys more than 10 million annual visits from the tourists overseas. The tourists love to enjoy the comedy acts and visual arts, complete with street performers and the events like the Galway Arts Festival. Ireland’s falling crime rates plays a major role in drawing tourists globally along with the very scenic rural areas of the country.

New Zealand

New Zealand is unique country as it has a population close to 4 million and the country’s average annual tourist turnout is nearly 2 million. The friendly attitude of New Zealand is evident in how people treat each other. Call it foolishness or trust, but New Zealanders have a high degree of faith in their fellow citizens and neighbors. They’ve been known to use less security in business settings than Westerners are used to. Be sure, most Kiwis will make your stay as friendly as it can be.


Canada is one of the top friendly countries and known for being coined the friendliest country of 2007 in the Anholt Brand Index. Canada receives over $60 billion annually from tourism, with visitors getting friendly vibes from the country and citizens. Recently, The Economist chose Vancouver as the Best Place to Live. Crime rate in Canada is low, partly because of a tight stance on gun control. Just over 10% of the country’s crimes are violent.


Greece truly satisfies the blurbs that shout ‘has something for everyone’ does. Whether you’re there to soak in the sun on the magnificent beaches, roam around the ancient ruins or party till you drop, the country leaves you clamoring for more. It ensures a guilt-free travel; low crime rates make sure you have come back again to marvel at the floral aromas that permeate the air and the pervading sense of spirit.


The Swiss are known for their honesty and hard work. Their friendliness is visible in their consideration for tourists. The carefully crafted hiking trails or the neatly polished ski resorts are only a few to name. The tourists help the country to earn a collective $20 billion annually and are more than happy to ski the scenic mountainside, while the rest finds something more social at one of the country’s many youth hostels. Safety in Switzerland is moderate when compared to developed countries. Though violent crime rate is much lower than U.S. but the country has a higher record of burglaries. It may sound alarming but most people are safer exploring Switzerland than they are back at home.


A Bit of ScotlandApproximately 16 million people travel to Scotland every year. You can have the pleasure of meeting a nation of well-educated locals who are rich with culture and know how to have fun. Even the regular arts and musical events like the annual Highland Festival reflect the festive Scottish spirit. The country’s crime rates are higher than U.S. but these cases are mostly confined to inner-city areas. But such setbacks never take away from Scotland’s friendly heart.


Malaysia is often criticized for being mild compared to its grittier neighbors, Thailand and Indonesia. The facilities a tourist get here is of truly world class; the roads are free of potholes and dirt, local buses and trains have air-con and plush seats and hotels are of international standard. Malaysian people are friendly in nature and the crime rate here is significantly low. While troubles are few, cheap connections to Europe and great exchange rates ensure that you won’t get eaten up by your wallet.


Over an amount of $430 million earned through tourism, Fiji and its 300-plus tropical islands are a must visit place. The locals represent a culture that celebrates everyone, regardless to religion, cast or country of origin. As a tourist, you can expect a welcome kava celebration from the locales. Fiji is a safe place to visit. Violent crimes have dropped significantly. Tourism is going strong and the harmonized experience here will surely blow you away.


Portugal is one of the greatest seafaring nations in the history. It is a land of great tradition, you can experience the Saint’s-Day festivals or visit the ancient vineyards that bring sleepy medieval villages to life. In other hand, a modern Portugal, with all its dazzling city centers, the new wave of boutiques, art galleries and cafes is ready to welcome he visitors. People here are very friendly and charming. Crime rates in Portugal are moderate but the country has no records of any serious troubles with the tourists so far.


The Germans travel a lot themselves; therefore, they are cordial to their nearly 20 million annual visitors. Tourists in Germany become connected to the country’s warm and cultured atmosphere through classical opera houses, numerous museums and large-scale events like the Oktoberfest fair. Germany is a large, industrialized country with a fair amount of crime. But German’s violent crime index is still lower than in the U.S. and most of its other crime rates are falling.

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