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Tuscan Villas in Chianti: Tourist Rentals Continue The Rural Tradition

Tuscan Villas in ChiantiThe beautiful Tuscan villas that many tourists each year rent to spend their holidays in the bliss of the region’s countryside have not always had the current allure. It is only from the mid Seventies that they have acquired the status of holiday rentals. Up to ten years before, the Tuscan, and Italian countryside had experienced a long period of abandonment, as the sharecropping economy that had regulated all sorts of business up then was no longer a viable solution to provide a sustainable living for farmers. The Chianti region, among the most rural ones, was left almost abandoned after centuries of sapient farming that had made it a territory already celebrated during the 17th century by famous English writers.

These wonderful Chianti villas stood there, just farmhouses with constantly open windows and doors. Upon entering one almost gave the impression that someone had just left to come back a few hours later.

Landlords, who used to own huge portions of land and all the farmhouses and villas on them, did not have any intention of renovating these houses.Tuscan Villas in Chianti Therefore they started selling them at very little price, including pieces of land that noone wanted to cultivate anymore. The natural redistribution of these wonderful estates made it possible for a lot of enthusiasts to start creating a new trend that saw these villas transformed into holiday residences, not necessarely tied to farming. When foreign visitors started asking them as summer holiday rentals, suddenly a new market was born.

The Chianti, capitalizing on the large amount of literature that had been written about its gorgeous landscapes and peaceful way of life, was the first to start this hype that expanded all over Tuscany. As a consequence more and more Tuscan villas were renovated along the years, all respecting the original design and materials and preserving intact their wise architectural characteristics. Of course, today they all include any sorts of modern amenity. Some are more humble, yet with all the comforts. Others are masterpieces of architectural design blending the past with modern solutions and materials. In all cases the result is an extremely comfortable and welcoming home, with a typical Tuscan ambiance.

Most often, Tuscan villas have a swimming pool in the garden. More and more are equipping their villas with wellness centers, which enhance their attractiveness and allows tourists to enjoy Tuscany during the colder months with an extra benefit to their vacation.

A trend that is very well received by tourists, especially those visiting Chianti, is the possibility to stay in a villa that also involves its guests with the rural activities on its estate. Chianti is among the leading wine making regions of Italy and Europe for the high quality of its product. Like its precious olive oil, among the highest-quality ones in Europe. To live the farming life in first person and get your hands “dirty”, even if for just few days, is a priceless experience that brings you in contact with nature and its

For your next holidays in Italy consider renting Tuscan villas, especially during the colder months. You will get better prices and enjoy regions like the Chianti without the Summer tourist crowd.