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Umerkot Pakistan

Archaeological city of Umerkot, located in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Previously known as Amarkot, this city well connected with the other major cities of Karachi and Hyderabad. Covered an area of 5608 sq km, it is bounded by Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, and Tharparkar. In history, it was the capital of Sindh, and became prominent during the Mughul and British rule. The great Mughul king Akbar was born in this city, and his birthplace is a famous visiting place of Umerkot. Agricultural land of Umerkot is very fertile, and the main crops are wheat, cotton, chili, mustard, and sugarcane. Umerkot is famous for its traditional embroidery and it is a big source of earning. Umerkot has many historical places, worth to seeing, some of most popular are:

Umerkot Fort: The ancient fort of Umerkot remains significant in the history of Sindh particularly in association with folk story of Umar Marui, and being referred as the birth place of Mughul Emperor Akbar. Originally it was built in eleventh century, however the present structure made by Kalhoras in the eighteenth century. This fort has remained under the control of different Mughul, Rajputs, Talpurs and Kalhora rulers. It is roughly rectangular in plan, with four semi-circular bastions at the corners. The main gate, also known as “Shahi Derwaza”, is a crooked type of entrance, and the walls of the fort made up of sun-dried bricks, and simple mud.

Kunri: It is an imperative town of Umerkot, well known for its red chilies, which uphold the economic structure of the town. This area is located in the extremity region of the Indus River, and irrigated by river water.

Umerkot Museum: Inaugurated in 1968, it is an archeological museum, placed in the famous Umerkot fort. It exhibit nice collection of ancient jewellery, statues, rare manuscripts, paintings, and old photographs, specimens of calligraphy, ammunition and models of Thar culture. Some cannon balls and stone carvings retrieved from random excavation in the fort displayed in the open outside the museum.

Dessert Bazaar: The city of Umerkot is located in famous Dessert, and the dessert bazaar is the famous and typical market of the city. It is the most interesting place in this region, as People come here from different villages and town, and you can see different cultures and tradition merged together. One can easily dine, stay or shop here, many restaurants offers comfortable accommodation at reasonable price.