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Which Countries Offer the Most Attractive Real Estate Investments?

November 29, 2012 / Bangkok, bookitnow, Brazil, Ecuador, Friends Posts, Thailand /

It is no secret that real estate is an extremely lucrative market, at least it is when the global economy is looking promising. However, even in these financially dire times, there are still a number of markets around the world that can offer lucrative investment opportunities in the long-term.

To the novice investor, it might well seem that the best way to enjoy great returns would simply be to enter into established markets where property is correctly valued and regularly traded as a valuable asset. Of course, experienced investors are aware of the folly of such an approach, as it is the well established markets that are suffering the most in the global economic downturn.

Therefore, it is always wise for potential investors to cast their net, so to speak, far beyond where they ordinarily would in order to find the next lucrative opportunity.

We looked at some of the biggest opportunities over the next few years, and why you should look to invest.


Many people think that Brazil will only be a fertile market for the next four years in the build-up to first the FIFA World Cup, and then the Rio Olympics. However, there is a lot of strategic land in Brazil that is being snapped up with a view to developing, and the fact is that the country is an emerging global economic power.

Real estate in Brazil will be lucrative for at least the next ten years, with both residential and commercial properties proving sound investments.


Staying in South America but moving to the north of the continent, where Ecuador is fast emerging as a popular tourist destination for Europeans, as well as a potential retirement retreat. Ecuador, along with Belize and a number of other countries in this geographical area, offer a great mix of a relaxed lifestyle, ex-pat communities, and an opportunity to become a part of local cultures and communities.

Real estate investments in Ecuador should look to residences aimed at overseas buyers, as well as tourism opportunities.

Bangkok, Thailand

Rather than being a true emerging force on the real estate scene, as are Brazil and Ecuador, Thailand’s capital city is in the midst of a recovery, having seen property values decimated during the global financial crisis. With prices still low, this represents an excellent opportunity for investors to put their faith in both residential and commercial properties in the city, looking at both the local community as well as the tourist industry, where there are huge gains to be had and many lucrative investment opportunities available.

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