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World Wild Travel Blog Party 2010

Everyone loves a good party. Who doesn’t right? Well we do! And we are calling our fellow bloggers all over the globe to join us in this awesome World Wild Travel Blog Party!

If you are staring at your computer screens in awe on how this would probably happen, then let us walk you through the fun and mechanics of this party. Get your typing skills on, wear your thinking caps and let’s get the party on the roll. What’s so good about our party is you have fun, meet people and win prizes! Now that’s what I call an amazing party or what?

So are you bloggers ready? Here are the guidelines on how this is going to work and let’s get this party started.

STEP 1: From today until the 1st of September 2010, all you need to do is make a post calling all your Travel buddies, co-writers, co-bloggers, friends, family and even the next door neighbor letting them in of this Blog Party. Bottom line, the more people in this, the better and the more fun it will be. So why don’t you use the button below, you know how it works, copy and paste the html code and let’s shout it all over the globe what we are up to. Remember, we can never have too many bloggers to start this off so we make this part as visible as we can get it. Again, let the people know!


Button code (large ): <a href= “″><img src= “”/></a>

<a href= “″><img src= “”/></a>

STEP 2: More and more hype!  The End is near, not quite! This will be just the beginning, so you’ve done the steps above, now as we reach the 30th,  31st of August, let’s get it going with your posts. Don’t forget to keep including the banner and button codes as instructed. What inside your post? Well just let us in on what your travel blog is all about. Share what’s new and what you are currently up to and if you want to give giveaways for your blog visitors, hey, no one is stopping you.

STEP 3: Party Mode: ON! September 1, 2010, 12:00AM CEST/CEDT or basically Amsterdam Time, begins the Grande Finale, the awesome event. Check your watches by then and synch it with everyone else’s as we visit the official party site As a host should, we will be providing linky’s for your blog posts, facebook pages and twitter profiles. If you have giveaways on your party blog posts, don’t forget to put that on your linkys.

STEP 4: Work Hard, Party Harder! So we’re all in, all you have to do is visit, follow and friend all the blogs that’s there. The more blogs you can visit the fun the party is going to be. Be a friend to everyone, remember bloggers, this is a party to get to know not only other travel bloggers around the globe its basically all kind of bloggers there is who wants in.  Of course, you would as well let them know that you are one too.

As previously said, this is no ordinary party, to add more spice and fun to this World Wide Blog Travel Party we’re giving away prizes. We know you’re smiling about this information but of course, since we’re expecting there will be a lot of you who want to be a winner you should be eligible for this wonderful prize on line.

  • All participants of this blog party should visit and comment on a minimum of 15 travel blogs and do not forget to mention on which 15 you posted a comment in a comment on this post !

  • Since this event is worldwide and not universal, extra terrestrial beings will not be accepted. 

  • Write a blog post that includes our sidebar button that should be visible for the duration of the party (so from today till the 5th of September 2010.

  • The winners will be drawn using, as well as the blogs on the blog linky. Since the confirmation of winners will be done within a few days, you can also check from time to time possibly within seven days after the blog party for the details of all the winners.

  • A cash prize via PayPal Transfer worth $200.00 will be given to one participant.

Are you guys psyched out already, we know we are! In the meantime since there is still a lot of time to kick back and relax lets chat all about this exciting event on twitter using #WWTBP -short for World Wide Travel Blog Party. This will be an awesome party you would want to be in, we can’t wait to see all of you!

World Wide or World Wild :) living the Wild life :)

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