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Ziarat Pakistan

Enthralling valley of Ziarat, 8,200 feet above the ground, situated about 122 km in the north of metropolitan city of Quetta, Baluchistan. Juniper ForestsIt nestles in its mesmerizing valley surrounded by antiquated treasure of Juniper forests. Ziarat is an eminent picnic option and almost every trip from Karachi to Quetta stops here. The summers in the valley are always delectably cool and almost perpetually snow-clad in winter. The population of this city is nearly 0.1 millions, and the economy of the district is relying on orchards of cherries, apples and honey.

Good water supply and pleasing landscape of Ziarat enthralls tourists, some of the most extraordinary places are:

Quid-e-Azam Residency: It is the most prominent landmark of the city, built in ziarat trip1882 by the British Government. The entire residency is in fact a spectacular two storey wooden structure with a modern and stylish look, exaggerated with beautiful lawns, Chinar trees, full with grassy carpet and different colors of roses. This residency is to be transformed into a national monument. From there one can have a remarkable view of the whole valley.

Juniper Forests: They are the real treasure of Ziarat, and the main source of lush green vista of the Valley, making this city as the second biggest Juniper Valley in the world. The area covered by these forests is 247,000 acres, and included in the world heritage list by Jinnah Residency Ziarat PakistanUNESCO. Some of the trees in these forests are still standing as long as 5000-7000 years ago. Many important species found in this region, as well as precious medicinal plants and herbs. Juniper berries used for flavoring and oil also extracted from these berries.

Shrine of Kharwari Baba: It is a beautiful shrine of a famous saint, and a number of miracles credited to him. A large number of people visit this place to offer sacrifices in his memory. During the Eid festival of Muslims, the tribesmen gather around the shrine and hold different competitions.

Khilafat Hills: They are the majestic and the highest Hills across the town of Ziarat, with an altitude of 11,400 feet. From their peak one can capture the bird-eye view of the amazing Ziarat Valley.

Ziarat Fall: It is an illustrious tourist destination; water pours into a beautiful pool from a 15-meter high altitude. Flagstones sheltered with moss and water flora have formed surprising surroundings capture the nature lover.